Art of Hosting Social Transformation Egypt

12-14 January 2012, Egypt

What would become possible if we were to use the Art of Hosting as an operating system, to move beyond conflict, and united our efforts – to create meaningful, innovative and sustainable initiatives for a better Egypt?

This is the second Art of Hosting training [...]

The Art of Hosting Social Transformation in Egypt

When? June 23, 2011 to June 26, 2011 Where? Anafora village- Egypt

Since the beginning of this year we have witnessed the powerful impact of people standing up for a new way of living. With uprisings come the breaking open of old structures, but how do we actually transition to the new? How do [...]

(R)evolution 2.0

Like many people Hendrik and I were following the Egyptian revolution through the media and were very touched by the stories and pictures. Hendrik got inspired to write an article about the EU and the mediterranean democratic awakening. The uprisings in the Arab world stimulated a wave of thoughts and conversations about what this could [...]