Our Eco-System

Communities and Networks We Are Part of:

The Art of Hosting is a highly effective way of harnessing the collective wisdomand self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. The Art of Hosting network has no formal, legal structure, no appointed leader, no accreditation program and no controlling body. It is based on a practitioner network, with local communities of practice. An international group of stewards holds the deeper practice pattern and assures the quality of the trainings and the integrity of the global network.

Impact Hub‘s are innovation labs, business Incubators and social enterprise community centers. They offer a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of social innovation ventures.

FoAM Labs is a network of transdisciplinary labs for speculative culture. It is inhabited by people with diverse skills and interests – from arts, science, technology, entrepreneurship, cooking, design and gardening. It is a generalists’ community of practice working at the interstices of contrasting disciplines and worldviews. Guided by our motto “grow your own worlds,” we study and prototype possible futures, while remaining firmly rooted in cultural traditions.

People and Organisations We Collaborate With:

Europe: Arts of Sensing, Gabriele Dohndorf, Linda Joy Mitchell, DrawItOut, SAM – Social Architects of Meaning, The Living Wholeness Institute, Remko Berkhout

Africa: Maaianne Knuth, Mohamed El Mongy

North America: New Stories, Dana Pearlman, Tim Merry, Fer.tl, James Redenbaugh

South America: Upstream