Lab Development Support

We support organisations to build their capacity to innovate and learn on a systemic level. We design generative and safe containers or ‘labs’ where the collective intelligence and creativity that exists in a system and its people can be harnessed to tackle a particular question or challenge. To do that we incubate [...]

Curating Collaborative Projects

We live and breath what we believe in. We are serial collaborative social entrepreneurs, committed to constantly be on our learning edge, making our hands dirty and taking risks to co-create new experiments to further the evolution of humanity and our planetary home. This takes different forms from artistic experiments and action [...]

Capacity Building & Training

Collaborative innovation is both ancient and new, inspired by practices as old as humanity as well as cutting-edge social technologies. We are committed to the evolution of our field of practice. We believe our practices need practising, exploring, questioning and evolving.

We do this by sharing our skills through trainings and [...]