The Art of Hosting Advanced Practice Course

In collaboration with our colleague Rowan from Upstream we created the first ever Art of Hosting advanced online programme. The first edition is taking place March – June 2014 We will most likely run another edition in the fall. Check out our video and website below to learn more, and join our news [...]

Accelerating National Collaboration on CSR in Egypt

On the 25th of March 2013 thirty CSR practitioners from twenty-five companies based in Egypt came together at the American Chamber of Commerce. The day was organized by the CSR Committee of the AmCham and facilitated by Natural Innovation. The purpose of this meeting was to explore the current context for CSR in [...]

Multi-Stakeholder Knowledge Conference on Pastoralism in Northern Kenya

We were asked to design and facilitate a Multi-stakeholder process on the future of pastoralism in the Marsabit region in northern Kenya.

The purpose of this conference was to share knowledge and practices on pastoralists’ livelihood, to discuss new possibilities and alternatives for the future. The aim was to identify feasible [...]

Participatory Change in the European Parliament

In April and May 2012 we worked together with two colleagues – Rainer von Leoprechting and Mary-Alice Arthur – on a collaborative inquiry with the European Parliament exploring how to make the work of the European Parliament more efficient and meaningful. What was unique about this work, was that rather than us [...]

AuditFutures: Systemic Innovation in the UK’s Audit Profession

Starting early 2012 we have start working with the Finance Innovation Lab and the Institute for Chartered Accountants of England and Wales to develop a new program of collaborative work called Audit Futures on rethinking the role of the audit profession in post-financial crisis world.

“The goal of the AuditFutures initiative is to create [...]

Finance Innovation Lab Wins Radicals Award!

Since 2008 we have been supporting the development of the Finance Innovation Lab and are very happy to see the project reaching another threshold with being recognised by NESTA and the Observer newspaper as one of the 50 new radical ideas that will transform the UK. For the occasion the Lab produced this great video [...]

Creating the ‘Thing’ from Nothing: Social Innovation Support and Team Coaching

From mid January to March 2012 we worked intensely with a group of young, enthusiastic and highly talented social entrepreneurs to support them in realising their dream ‘to build resilient, sustainable and thriving communities and organisations through supporting young adults to be resourceful and build meaningful livelihoods’. A dream that would eventually develop into an [...]

Reflections on Training the Art of Participatory Leadership in Zimbabwe

In November 2011 we co-hosted a training in Zimbabwe on the Art of Participatory Leadership, together with Marianne Knuth and Bob Stilger. This training was part of a several year programme of capacity building workshops for a group of NGOs, all funded by a German donor agency. We spent 4 days with [...]

Video from the Art of Hosting Social Transformation in Egypt

Check out this video from the Art of Hosting Social Transformation workshop that took place in Egypt in June 2011.

In January 2012 (11th-15th) we are co-hosting the second edition of the Art of Hosting Social Transformation in Egypt. Stay tuned, the invitation will be out soon.

Lego Serious Play at FoAM

Originally posted by Dave Griffiths on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 at FoAM’s Blog

Last weekend it was the annual FoAM gathering to discuss long term ideas, some self reflection and consideration of external perceptions. We were guided on this mission by Simone Poutnik and Hendrik Tiesinga, members of FoAM and founders of Natural Innovation. They [...]