The Art of Collaborative Leadership ~ cultivating our capacity for hosting systemic transformation
Norfolk, United Kingdom, 9th June 6pm  - 12th June 4pm 2011. For those hosting emerging movem
The Art of Hosting Social Transformation in Egypt
When? June 23, 2011 to June 26, 2011 Where? Anafora village- Egypt Since the beginning of th
(R)evolution 2.0
Like many people Hendrik and I were following the Egyptian revolution through the media and were ver

London, since April 2009.

If the world lived and ate as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to support us. Tasting the Future is a process to enable business, government, social enterprise and civil society to take practical steps together towards a “one planet” food system. This calls for transformational change, including the way we consume.

Together with Hara Practice Ltd. we are supporting WWF UK to design, convene and host Tasting the Future, a long term systemic change process to shift we way we consume and produce food in the UK. The aim is to build a community of food innovators who will take practical action and use their collective influence to advocate a “one planet” food system. In a series of assemblies over a period of 12-18 months, it will bring together people from business, government, social enterprise and civil society who are willing to change the way we produce and consume food so that what we eat is within the limits of our planet. More info at


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