Fields for Transformation Workshop Series

The Tasting the Future team has been working together for over three years. Our biggest area of learning has been about the need to shift not only what we do but how we do it. We have created a source document describing how we work together. In this workshop series we will share our learning and invite you to contribute your experience into the field.

‘Leadership has focused primarily on getting things done…by focusing…on the intellectual and pragmatic aspects of our work, we forget that a movement can only be successful when people have genuine relationships in which they feel valued and empowered’ (Zimmerman et al. (2010) Movement Strategy Centre)

Our three workshops have been designed to explore some of the core elements of what it takes to change the way we work together. Over the years, in addition to our own learning, we have worked closely with others who are looking to build their work from a place of values. What does this mean in practice? Many of us working towards more sustainable and transformed systems, including food, are finding that conscious and explicit commitments to individual transformation are needed in order to create the change we wish to see in the world.

We would like to share some examples of practices and learning that we have discovered along the way that we believe can contribute to this personal and collective transformation and change. We are sure that you will have other examples and practices that you have found helpful and we warmly invite you to bring these examples to the workshops to share. Participants will be invited to join an online space on our Ning to share experiences and reflections before, during and after the workshops.

Read more in “Fields for Transformation inquiry – an introduction

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