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    How innovation labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration

    A fittingly collaborative effort in itself, Labcraft was written in a four-day “Book Sprint” by representatives from seven innovation labs from around the world. These practitioners share their stories, experiences and perspectives, and consider their commonalities and differences. They offer humble observations about their struggles and successes, and detail how they navigate their unique dilemmas and paradoxes.

    From workspaces and funding to impact measurement and power dynamics, Labcraft explores what it takes to cultivate a nimble and responsive environment—and gives a face to the poignant potential of these creative new collaborations.Change makers everywhere will be uplifted and inspired by this hopeful, fascinating window into emerging frontiers for building a better world.

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    Time: 10am-6pmLocation: Impact Hub Oakland


    Do you work with multi-stakeholder networks or face complex societal challenges? Are you frustrated with conventional approaches, and looking for new practices to achieve breakthrough results?

    By participating in this immersive learning experience you gain practical knowledge in developing and facilitating social innovation labs.

    Sponsored by Impact Hub Oakland, Labcraft and St Mary’s College.

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    During this workshop you will:

    • Learn about different social lab strategies, approaches and models
    • Explore challenges of working with diverse stakeholders, power and stuck systems
    • Explore different open innovation approaches to work with complex systems such as:  the art of hosting generative conversations, the u-process, human-centered design and others;
    • Map your own social innovation eco-system, co-design and prototype a social innovation lab strategy or program
    • Receive a free copy of our co-created book Labcrafthow social labs cultivate change through innovation and experimentation



    Join us if you are:

    A change leader, facilitator or program manager, or an organizational development practitioner or leader interested in using a social innovation lab approach in your context


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    The workshop will be facilitated by Hendrik Tiesinga, Simone Pountik and Lisa Chacon who together bring decades of experience of founding, leading, designing and facilitating numerous social labs in diverse contexts in Europe, Africa and North America.


    Organized by: Natural Innovation and the Impact Hub Oakland
    When: April 4th 2015
    Where: Impact Hub Oakland

    Price: $200, Early Bird Discount $150 before March 15th - includes a hardcopy of Labcraft the book

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    What are social labs?

    (from Labcraft, How social labs cultivate change through innovation and collaboration)

    Social labs are part of an emerging family of hybrid organizations that call themselves social innovation labs, civic labs, or system innovation labs and many other adjectives. Incubators, i-teams, hubs, and accelerators are also part of this wider family.  Social labs are unique in that they create dialogue, listening carefully with an open mind to all the voices, and then tries to translate them, mix them, and amplify them to prototype and develop alternatives. Labs cross-pollinate new methods, approaches and perspectives between groups. Labs provide oxygen, fresh ideas, and protected space to enable new things to emerge.

    Social coexist with many paradoxes. Labs have to answer to power—but sometimes represent power—and at the same time, they seek to challenge it. Labs embrace exploration and inclusivity, yet they’re ruthless in maintaining our focus on what works. Labs engage with both the radical and the established, while remaining credible to each.

    Tension and ambiguity are inherent aspects of working in this fragile context. There’s a craft, an art and a science to creating and evolving these spaces in between in order that the new might emerge. It’s a craft we hope to uncover, illuminate and question in this book.

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    Labcraft is a learning platform and growing community of practice of social innovation labs around the world. Labcraft was founded in 2014 by Natural Innovation and Hivos with the publication of the book Labcraft, How social labs cultivate change through innovation and collaboration co-created by seven public and social innovation labs from around the world.


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