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Convening Labcraft: a collaborative book on social innovation labs

In search of new strategies to promote knowledge production and learning by and between social innovation labs, Natural Innovation teamed up with Hivos and the Warwick Business School to write a book through a Book Sprint, a rapid and collaborative writing methodology. Labcraft how social labs cultivate change through innovation and collaboration was the result. You can buy or download your copy here

Watch how Labcraft was co-created:

Labcraft was written in a four-day “Book Sprint” by representatives from seven innovation labs from around the world. These practitioners share their stories, experiences and perspectives, and consider their commonalities and differences. They offer humble observations about their struggles and successes, and detail how they navigate their unique dilemmas and paradoxes.

From workspaces and funding to impact measurement and power dynamics, Labcraft explores what it takes to cultivate a nimble and responsive environment—and gives a face to the poignant potential of these creative new collaborations.

Hendrik TiesingaConvening Labcraft: a collaborative book on social innovation labs