The Art of Collaborative Leadership Training 25-27 September
Belgium, September 2010 Many of us are leading transformative initiatives in civil society, busin
Tasting the Future
London, since April 2009 If the world lived and ate as we do in the UK, we would need three planets
U-Process & Sustainable Innovation
The Netherlands, 31 March-2 April 2010 Sustainable Innovation in Complex Systems Together wi

Nature walkCopenhagen, 13 December 2009

A mini nature solo, which we co-hosted with Rowan Simonsen from Upstream. The purpose of this day in nature was to get an embodied experience of understanding our place in the larger ecosystem of our world allowing us to take better decisions, keeping our children and grandchildren in mind and being aware of the effects of our actions on all species and the grandchildren of these.

This event was part of the Survival Academy. The Survival Academy ran from 8-17 of December during the COP15 climate negotiations in Copenhagen, and explored the human dimension of climate change.What if I were the solution? The Academy includes a series of learning events including live teleseminar with Otto Scharmer, Book Release by Adam Kahane, A training in Visualizing climate strategies, Theory U workshop, World Changing input, a Deep Democracy workshop and an exploration of why Inner climate is important. To see the full programme, visit www.survivalacademy.org

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